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Floor Cleaning

What you must know about tile and grout cleaning

Usage of tiles as a flooring option has become very popular for ages. While it is appearing to be an obvious option for kitchens and bathrooms, modern homeowners consider using tiles to the entire house. Tiles are popular as a flooring option because of various reasons; they are durable, they produce minimal dust, don’t tolerate stains, free of dust mites and other organisms and are exceptionally easy to clean. Despite all the good characteristics of the tiles as a flooring option, there are some precautions you should take to minimise the less lustrous effects that can occur over time.
The grout
Each tile is joined to the other tiles with a special mortar called grout. Generally, it is the grout that becomes stained or discoloured way ahead of the tiles. If necessary care wasn’t taken, things can be really ugly with the grout. Usually, this grout is covered with a sealant […]

SPECIAL offer on Tile & grout cleaning Melbourne

OZ Carpet Cleaning providing sanitation and cleaning services since the past 10 years in Melbourne area. From the time of establishment, we have catered to all our client’s safety and hygiene needs, ensuring complete customer satisfaction. Among our vast cleaning services, We now offer tile and Grout cleaning services at discounted prices for all our customers.
Tile and Grout Cleaning Offer in Melbourne CBD
Tile cleaning generally requires a formula derived from the mixture of detergent and water which mopped upon the tiles. However, this approach can push the dirty water between tile cracks causing additional grout and leading to an unhygienic floor condition which can cause various illnesses. We ensure that the chemicals we use non-toxic and carry no potential threat to our clients and their general environment. Our tile cleaning machines are capable to clean hard to reach places and are even able to extract dirt from the grout.

Our service provision […]