Upholstery cleaning services Melbourne

Our Upholstery cleaner in Melbourne can clean any type of Upholstery with Hot water extraction or Steam cleaning method.

We have been in this Industry for more than 15+ years and take pride in a way we clean your Upholstery with 100% customer satisfaction. Old, New or really dirty Upholstery doesn’t matter as our Upholstery cleaning method is well proven to deal with any kind of cleaning.

We cover all Suburbs of Melbourne and available 24/7 for all your Upholstery Cleaning at affordable rates. All our Upholstery Cleaners are fully insured and expertise which enhances best customer experience for their cleaning needs.

Top Reasons to choose our Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne
Upholstery cleaning services Melbourne

  • Certified upholstery cleaners in Melbourne
  • Increase lifespan of your upholstery
  • Get most excellent and satisfactorily results
  • Fabrics would not be damaged; we would take extra care of it.
  • Colour of any upholstery item would remain as it is, no color loss would be there.
  •  Our cleaning products are pet and child friendly
  • Economical rates and customized cleaning packages

Our Upholstery cleaning Melbourne includes  

  • Pre-inspection of area’s to be cleaned
  • Pre vacuum required space
  • Pre spray
  • Extract and Rinse
  • Steam cleaning
  • Post clean-up to eliminate matting
  • Post clean-up of area’s

Feel free to contact us for Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne for industrial or commercial properties.

Standard Clean

Maintenance/Refresher clean. Recommended every 6 months.

  • Not recommended for stained or light coloured Upholstery.
  • Pre- Inspection
  • Pre Spray Upholstery Cleaning Solution 
  • Upholstery Steam Cleaning with Hot Water Extraction Systems
  • Deodorising 

Deluxe Clean

For Upholstery with medium to heavy soiling or stains or light coloured Upholstery.

  • Recommended for Sofa or Upholstery which has not been cleaned for 6 months or more and/or a vacating clean in order to get bond returned.
  • Pre- Inspection
  • Pre Vacuum Upholstery Area
  • Pre Spray Heavy Upholstery Cleaning Solution
  • Upholstery Steam Cleaning with Hot Water Extraction System
  • Deodorising